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Believe it or not, we’ve been painting barns in Kitchener/Waterloo for over 60 years. My father’s father started this company in the 1960’s and we’ve been painting barns, tractors, silos, and barn roofs ever since.

3 Generations Later: We're Still Painting for Farmers in Kitchener Waterloo.

That’s Over 60 Years of Stewart Family Farm Painting Experience

We know what farmers need, because we are farmers as well. Durability, longevity and simplicity. That’s part of the Ray Stewart Barn Painting mission: Provide a service, use only the best available products, and be honest, approachable and straightforward.

We are traveling painters, helping Kitchener & Waterloo area farmers.

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We Paint, Repair and Restore:

Freshen up that Barn in K-W

All of that gorgeous country farm land surround Kitchener Waterloo certainly makes for a nice drive, doesn’t it?

On my drives home I sometimes detour down a different concession just to see what types of barns are out there. I see so many farms and I just smile. It truly makes me happy to see the land being worked, and happy family farmers doing what they love.

Are you one of these farmers? Can we help you with any paint jobs on your land? Outbuildings, silos, roofs, barns and equipment – We can certainly explore the possibilities and talk one on one, farmer to farmer.

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new paint on red and green barn

Restoration for your Barns, Tractors, Silos & More!

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Only the Best Paint & The Best Sprayers:

Being in the business as long as we have, we’ve learned who has the best paint products to use for your job. These are ‘musts’ for any Kitchener or Waterloo area farmer:

Paint products we believe in:

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