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Has the original finish of your exterior brick, plaster, or steel diminished through years of extreme Ontario weather? We WILL paint the outside of your home to last.

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Refresh Your Home's Look!

Painting the exterior of your home doesn’t have to be another job you put off this year…

With expert help from a third-generation family painting company (us!), your home’s new finish is just a message away.

We have been painting for homeowners, farmers, and business owners for decades.

Our knowledge of the best products and techniques to use to paint your home’s exterior is something only experience can teach you. Allow us the opportunity to show you how much a lifetime of painting homes counts.

Red House Exterior Painted Ontario

Benefits of Painting Your Home's Exterior

More Than a Fresh Coat

Painting your home’s exterior surfaces, whether wood, brick, plaster, aluminum, or anything else offers more benefits than just a fresh new coat of durable paint in the colour of your choice…

Painting the trim

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Helpful Links for Exterior House Painting

DIY Information

If you have decided to paint your home’s exterior yourself, here are a few helpful links to save you some time and money. Keep in mind that your time is valuable, and often, hiring a professional exterior painter can save you money in the long run.

While thinking about painting the outside of your home or shop, you may also need to replace or repair aluminum and metal work such as eaves troughs and fascia.

We are experienced sheet metal workers and are able to repair and replace eaves troughs, aluminum flashing, fascia, soffits and more.

If you ONLY need sheet metal, aluminum, or tin work done, we can help with that as well!

The Process

What is Involved in Exterior House Painting?

Power Washing Exterior

Cleaning & Power Washing

The exterior surfaces of your home must be cleaned prior to painting. Debris and buildup on the outside surfaces prevent paint from adhering properly.

Buildup and debris such as:

  • Dust & dirt
  • Bug nests and remnants
  • Weathering (rain, snow)
  • Paint chips and cracks
Priming Wood Exterior

Priming & Prepping

The cleaned exterior surface must be primed before painting. A primer acts as a base layer under the exterior paint application. Primer also creates a bond to the exterior surface.

Priming allows the final coats of exterior paint to stick much better than if the surface was painted without being primed.

Certain exterior surfaces, such as steel/aluminum may not require priming, as they have a baked in urethane that acts as a permanent primer. Bonus!

Painting outside of a yellow house

Final Exterior Painting

Once we’re ready for painting, we’ll use all of the tools at our disposal to cover every square inch of the home as appropriate. We have a boom truck to reach the highest heights. We also have scaffolding to allow us great flexibility in reaching those ‘hard to get’ places.

Using the finest Dulux exterior paints, and our favourite Graco Paint Sprayers, we are able to quickly achieve a finished coat. Using the proper paints and sprayers goes a long way towards a successful exterior home painting job.

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